[VoiceOps] Future of the Traditional PSTN vs VOIP and VoLTE

Alex Balashov abalashov at evaristesys.com
Mon Dec 7 17:16:10 EST 2015

On 12/07/2015 04:42 PM, Peter Beckman wrote:

> But this has a flaw. What if the reseller does this, and the reseller's
> reseller does this. Who wins? As a reseller, I'd want the calls hitting me
> first, so I can bill my reseller for minutes. But my reseller wants calls
> going straight to them so they don't have to pay me for minutes.

This would probably be fixable if all DIDs from ULCs were delegated out 
of larger blocks that fall on decimal boundaries, which would be 
analogous to an opaque BGP announcement of a shorter prefix by an 
upstream aggregator.

But, because many numbers are ported in, this would be akin to 
announcing lots of /32s and, as you mentioned, without the critical 
component of physical connections constraining the routing topology.

Any such scheme would have to incorporate the notion of a reseller chain 
into its mechanics and a security model that allows downstream resellers 
to modify the physical parameters of their receipt of the call but not 
the fundamental routing chain.

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