[VoiceOps] Sophisticated Voice-Response Robocalls

Aaron Seelye aseelye-lists at eltopia.com
Fri Dec 11 11:03:27 EST 2015

FWIW, the number you saw on caller ID really doesn't mean anything.  I 
get emails/calls from people complaining to me that one of our customers 
is spam calling them, only to find that the number isn't allocated to 
anyone, and didn't even touch our switch.  It's too much of a PITA to 
really trace down how a call got to you, and the trail would likely die 
when you hit an account that was made elsewhere with a stolen CC or was 
made from overseas.


On 12/11/15 6:53 AM, Peter Beckman wrote:
> I just got a pretty sophisticated voice-response robocall.
>      Caller: "Hello is Jen there?" (My wife's name. Coincidence or
> intentional?)
>          Me: "I'm sorry, Who is this?"
>      Caller: "Oh sorry I was calling for either of you. This is Debbie
>              [something] and I'm calling about ... [sales pitch for
> something]"
>          Me: "Excuse me, could you tell me what 5 plus 7 is?"
>      Caller: "Oh well then I'll call back later, OK?"
>          Me: "No."
>      Caller: "OK, bye."
> Now I could tell that these were recordings pretty quickly, but I had to
> throw a Turing Test at it to be sure. The call and audio quality was good,
> and frankly, I was impressed, right until the anger flooded in about it
> being a robocall.
> Anyone else experience the same? Know who the provider is?
> http://800notes.com/Phone.aspx/1-206-777-1088
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