[VoiceOps] TCP registration timer survey

par slocoach at gmail.com
Fri Feb 27 17:25:41 EST 2015


We're looking at significantly increasing the TCP NAT'd endpoint
registration expires value on access SBCs for a couple reasons.

1) Reduce RPS on the SBC 2) Better support mobile voip apps (specifically
on iOS)

We're more or less a Polycom shop.  Other than the mobile app only our BLF
traffic has been using TCP and our reg-expire is at 90 seconds.

The app seems to tolerate an expire of 1200 with no issues, and we'll be
testing the Polycoms to see if we're breaking anything there.  ( read
there's a historical, 2009, issue with Polycoms and reg-expire above 120 )

All that said - I'm curious if anyone here has TCP reg-expire experiences
they'd like to share.

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