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Alexander Hardie ahardie at bellsouth.net
Wed Jan 28 06:38:04 EST 2015

Have you tried PinDrop Security - http://www.pindropsecurity.com/

They have a purpose built solution around calling line ID fraud.  They are enterprise centric - but the solution is very portable.

Alex Hardie

On Wednesday, January 28, 2015 4:53 AM, Jim Dalton <jim.dalton at transnexus.com> wrote:

Hello Shaun,
TransNexus offers a fraud detection solution, NexOSS-FC, to complement your Session Border Controller (SBC) and block fraudulent calls at the ingress edge of your network.  NexOSS-FC is a SIP redirect server.  You configure your SBC to route every call to NexOSS-FC.  If no fraud is detected, NexOSS-FC returns a 404 and your SBC routes the call to the next destination in its routing table.  If fraud is detected, NexOSS-FC returns a 603 and the SBC blocks the call.  If you want to divert fraudulent calls, NexOSS-FC can return a 300 redirect message with the destination to where the SBC should divert the call. 
The SIP Analytics of NexOSS-FC is better fraud protection than conventional CDR Analytics because it obtains the call information sooner and because SIP INVITES have call details for fraud detection that are not available in Call Detail Records.  The solution is simple and effective.  Please contact me offline if you want to evaluate the software.  More information is available at http://transnexus.com/products/nexoss-fc/
Jim Dalton
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Hi Guys,
Trying to get a feel for what fraud systems are out there for VoIP service providers; primarily using terrestrial mediums (such as metroE; diginet) with clients interconnecting via IP PBXs, voice gateways and IP phones.
We have had fraud to international premium destinations which we are restricting based on calling profiles and originating source IPs; but neither is truly scalable.
Subsequently we are looking for alternatives.

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