[VoiceOps] Software SBC solution recommendations

Ryan Delgrosso ryandelgrosso at gmail.com
Fri Jul 3 22:37:59 EDT 2015

So I'm working on a bit of a niche project in need of a virtualizable 
software SBC and while I am aware of many of the open source solutions 
out there I'm sure there are facets of the various options that those 
who live with them every day can share that will influence direction.

I need this soluton to do: registration caching (but pass reg back to 
softswitch), nat traversal/media proxy, basic topology hiding, 
blacklisting, some kind of dynamic routing (ENUM is preferred). No need 
for fancy multi realm setup, simple inside/outside is fine.

I am presently looking at:

  * Kamailio + some kind of media proxy (does much of the signaling but
    is not a B2BUA)
  * Freeswitch (doesnt seem to do the reg cache / pass back)
  * SEMS (reg caching only introduced last month.
  * Various combinations of the above (though most of these feel kludgy)

Im not precluding commercial solutions or hybrid solutions but the usual 
suspects (Acme, Meta, Sonus, etc) are off the table here due to either 
the cost or the software/virtualization requirements.

Thanks in advance,


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