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Depends how quickly the losing carrier gives concurrence.  They may have automated systems that do that in a certain time frame, though there are maximums, as we have discussed.




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I have personally experienced wireless-to-wireless ports that happen in MINUTES, though; maybe an hour at most.  As I recall, there was one that was a port to a prepaid phone service, and not only did it happen fast, but I did it really late at night, and it was all conducted by an automated system (sign-up via web site)…no human interaction required.


How is THAT possible, and can that same experience be brought to non-wireless ports?  (I suspect part of the answer is that account PIN code thing that seems to be standard with wireless accounts and that can be used in an automated fashion to verify ownership of the number and the account it is currently attached to.)


-- Nathan


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Also want to note the simple versus complex port aspect, too.


“Even providers who use manual processes, if there are no errors or issues with validations, and it is a simple port, the FCC has mandated that the request be completed within one business day.”




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Porting requires concurrence from the losing carrier to complete, which ultimately happens as an LRN update in the NPAC. Companies with direct access to NPAC can do this the quickest,  otherwise they contract with an AOCN to handle the NPAC or use a bigger carrier, which can add delays. 

So long as you have the correct LSR information when submitting the port, concurrence should happen within a day.  Ultimately the losing and gaining carriers both contribute to the turnaround time. 

Check out our wholesale services. We can do porting for voice, toll free and SMS.

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Is there some way to port numbers extremely fast away from major landline providers like Verizon, AT&T, Comcast, etc? I met someone long ago that said they were able to port a number from anywhere in like one business day. If I remember right they mentioned something about being a cellular CLEC or something similar. I know porting in the cellular world is a same day kind of thing, but why not on the landline side? 


Is there some wholesaler out there that doesn't charge and arm and leg to port numbers? 

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