[VoiceOps] Yealink's new "E2" hardware variants

Pete Mundy pete at fiberphone.co.nz
Mon Nov 2 17:58:57 EST 2015

Hi list,

Does anyone here have any information they can share on what the difference is with the new 'E2' variants of some of Yealink's phones?

We have a reasonable number of YL phones in our fleet, and a few months back we noticed our new stock was starting to be supplied as SIP-T21P E2s after SIP-T21P went EOL with our country's distributor (which was not long at all after SIP-T20P went EOL!).

We now have SIP-T19P E2s arriving new too (instead of SIP-T19 prior).

These new E2 variants use different hardware identifiers and run different version numbers. They look to use a different build of a the same source code. They don't appear to accept downloaded configurations from the non-E2 variants.

Just wondering if anyone in the know can share what the change is under the good?

Only for interest's sake really. I've done a bit of Googling, but haven't determined much other than that TI Titan and Aries seem to be used in other products. I'm guessing it's perhaps a change of CPU platform or some other chipset change.



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