[VoiceOps] Lack of Quality Industry-wide

Peter Beckman beckman at angryox.com
Tue Oct 6 12:34:53 EDT 2015

That's a great story Anthony! It's similar to my issues. I already do this
for termination. DID and SMS issues are more difficult to manage. And the
issues you have with one carrier that drives you to mass port your DIDs
that you hope to escape start happening with your new carrier.

I wish carriers would have the same level of visibility in their service
and infrastructure as you seemed to have with Intellisight, and then fix
the problems proactively when they find them.

     "What gets measured gets managed."

So true. So elusive in this business.


On Tue, 6 Oct 2015, Anthony Orlando wrote:

> You are correct Peter.  It's a  constant struggle.  For years I used a
> product from Empirix called Intelisight.  It gave us the ability to
> monitor carriers (and other managed objects) with defined sets of KPI's.
>  Once I saw a carrier have issues (PDD, quality, excessive 503's) I used
> to call them and tell them they had a problem.  Hours or days later they
> would resolve.  I got away from that practice and just routed around
> them.   Funny how they notice that.  Once the issue was resolved I put
> them in a penalty box and slowly added traffic.  Once they realized I was
> measuring their performance and there would be financial repercussions
> it's amazing how the quality of their under lying carriers improved.  My
> carrier ticket count dropped by 25-30%.

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