[VoiceOps] 2BCT billing, was: Unique DIDs vs. Custom extensions

Jay Hennigan jay at west.net
Tue Oct 6 12:36:02 EDT 2015

On 9/19/15 10:31 AM, Brooks Bridges wrote:
> Please provide me a list of carriers that support 2BCT but don't bill
> for any calls that are released back to their switch.  I want to abuse
> the hell out of it.

If the outbound leg from the PRI to the destination is flat rate or 
toll-free, this shouldn't be billed to the PRI. The originator would pay 
for the inbound leg if toll or measured.

This type of arrangement was really common in the old BBS days before 
the Internet thing we all know and love became popular.

Imagine a dial-up BBS in town A. Town B is a local flat-rate call to 
town A. Town C is a local flat-rate call to B but toll or message-rate 
to A. Someone in B sets up call-forward to A. Caller in C calls the 
number in B and reaches the BBS in A. Then some one in C sets up a 
forward to B. D goes to C, etc. It wasn't unusual to go several hops 
over hundreds of miles in southern California back in the day. The older 
switches didn't seem to limit the number of simultaneous forwards and 
9600 baud modems would work just fine.

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