[VoiceOps] WiFi SIP phones recommendations

Carlos Alvarez caalvarez at gmail.com
Tue Sep 8 15:53:43 EDT 2015

> Really? Can this take place seamlessly mid-call? With DHCP? What about
> DHCP lease acquisition delay?

Yup, mid-call.  I've roamed around the marina you visited with me for
example, without ever dropping the call and with nearly no perceptible
hand-off noise.  There is no DHCP exchange when roaming between APs on the
same network with the same SSID.  You would drop the call if you roamed
between networks, and I'm pretty sure you would also if you changed SSID.

> Would such a configuration involve merely bridging all the APs onto the
> same LAN segment so that the same DHCP server feeds them? If so, where's
> the guarantee that the DHCP server will lease out the same IP address to
> the client?

You can put any number of APs on the same LAN without DHCP being involved
in hand-offs, ever.  DHCP is only requested when the client associates with
a new SSID, not when it moves between APs.

> Or is this really a static IP + WAP association-only undertaking?

 Static is not needed.
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