[VoiceOps] WiFi SIP phones recommendations

Tim Bray tim at kooky.org
Wed Sep 9 06:24:18 EDT 2015

On 08/09/15 20:53, Shripal Daphtary wrote:
>  the experience that i have had with the yealink w52p dect, is 20 feet
> in an open plan office and they start to suck.  they're just crappy it
> seems. 

I think Yealink  did have a range issue.  Especially when any other kind
of DECT device nearby. Or other transmitting devices (especially ADSL

I've no proof.  Just feedback from the 1500 or so W52P that we've sold.

And just some customers.  The range is just rubbish for some people in
some places.

In theory, hundreds of dect devices can share the same spectrum.  In
practice, my view is that Yealink fails (or used to fail, maybe fixed)
in this area.

I also recommend that people leave at least 1 metre separation between a
Dect base and any other transmission equipment - ADSL router, wifi,
another dect base, homeplug ethernet .....


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