[VoiceOps] Unique DIDs vs. Custom extensions

Rob Dawson rdawson at force3.com
Tue Sep 15 13:29:26 EDT 2015

Using the DIDs wont really add any complexity, but if you are planning on reusing the same pool for different properties then 

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On 09/15/2015 12:32 PM, Rafael Possamai wrote:

> I would if it is cost prohibitive to setup and maintain 1,000 DIDs a 
> month. Each end-user is a real estate company, and in their ads in our 
> platform would be listed one of the DIDs, or a single DID for 
> everybody, but with a property code that would match an extension 
> number, then forwarding as needed. Does that make sense?

Yeah, I just worry about the impact this would have on customer engagement and conversion. It's just like with web sites; if it requires just one more click than an idle passer-by wants to make, they're gone.

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