[VoiceOps] Virtualized SBC

Nathan Anderson nathana at fsr.com
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LOL! +1

Reminds me of Larry Ellison's now infamous rant against the use of the "nonsense" marketing term "cloud computing".

"All that 'cloud' is is computers in a network, in terms of technology.  Now in terms of *business model*, you can say 'oh, it's rental', and this is also very interesting, this notion of rental.  All Salesforce.com was, before they were 'cloud computing', they were, uh, software-as-a-service [SaaS].  And then they became 'cloud computing', because SaaS...well, it's the same reason Chanel last year was fuchsia, and this year it's kind of puce.  I mean, our industry is so bizarre: they just change a term, and they think they've invented technology!"


"That's gold, Jerry!  Gold!"

-- Nathan

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So, it's news to the Bellhead world that most "SBCs" run on commodity 
pizza boxes & OSs that are branded by the vendor and resold at large 
markups, and that the software can be separated from the hardware and 
executed on other pizza boxes, and, indeed, inside VMs? And they have a 
whole buzzword for this?

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