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Everywhere else in IT, that's called: "virtualising applications and services", i.e. putting in VMs or containers that which remains to be put there. Orchestration and management tools go hand-in-hand with that, depending on the technology stack in play.

The distinctiveness of _network function_ virtualisation lies in something rather different. It has to do with generalising and rendering more generic the functions that were previously performed by boxes with specific interfaces and ASICs. ‎You never plugged DS3s into an SBC, so there's nothing to virtualise apart from simply running its code somewhere else, i.e. on your own PC (or hypervisor on PC) instead of a PC that says Acme Packet or Broadsoft on the box. That's not revolutionary, and it's not NFV.

The term has real meaning, but as usual has been beaten silly by marketing and trade press abuse. ‎NFV does not mean "in the Cloud, but concerning things we didn't used to market as being runnable standalone before". 

So, Sansay didn't want to sell the software without forcing you to buy the PC chassis that says Sansay on it. Now they changed their mind and you can do that. That's not innovative, that's no brilliant insight to be "onto", and it sure as hell isn't NFV.

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