[VoiceOps] Load balancing SIP

Joseph Jackson jjackson at aninetworks.net
Tue Apr 19 19:07:25 EDT 2016

On separate occasions.   The brocade load balancers have the option to be "sticky" - ie all follow on requests go to the same sbc.

For the brocades they were placed topology wise in front of the SBCs so that all requests and replies cross the load balancer.  You can do this by having the load balancer be the default gateway for the SBC's.     It was pretty simple at least for the brocade configuration.  Note that RTP traffic was not load balanced of course.

I will see if I can find my notes on the kamailio config.    Used the dispatch module if I remember correctly.  I will try and find them as its been awhile.


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Did you use these devices for this purpose on separate occasions or in unison?   How many SBCs were being used in the distribution?  Can you elaborate on the basic topology?


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Ive done it with Brocade and Kamailio.

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Has anyone had any success load balancing SIP?  More specifically distributing SIP registrations across a number of access SBCs and maintaining persistence based on source IP.  By maintaining source IP persistence subsequent calls would go to the SBC to which they are registered.  In this case each of several SBCs cache registrations  for a single SIP registrar.     Has anyone used F5 or Kamailio for this..or some other SIP proxy or load balancer?

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