[VoiceOps] Recommendations for high-cps SS7 OC-X gear?

Brooks Bridges bbridges at o1.com
Wed Apr 20 17:54:21 EDT 2016

Looking for suggestions for NEBS compliant gear that can support SS7, handle OC-3 or higher levels of channels, and can support (in aggregate) up to around 500 cps through a *good* (key word) SIP interface.  I'm willing to entertain the idea of a single larger device that can take a full OC-48 and support the full 500 cps, but I'd prefer spread the load across multiple devices and smaller interfaces for load balancing and redundancy.

Any pointers?  Obviously there are products out there by the really big players, but I'd really rather not have to drop 7 figures on this project unless I have to.


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