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This is generally true if the calls are *unencrypted* on VoIP...

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> Also folks, don't forget, the same outcome of recording someone's call is
> MUCH easier to accomplish once it is VoIP.  IMHO, of course.  ;-)

... BUT... what's fascinating is the recent rise in end-to-end (e2e)
encryption among IP-based communications platforms that include voice.

WhatsApp, for instance, just completed the rollout of e2e encryption on
April 5, and not just for messaging, but also for voice and video calls as
well as file transfers (
https://blog.whatsapp.com/10000618/end-to-end-encryption ).  Just yesterday
the team behind Viber announced that they will soon have e2e encryption for
all clients.  The app Wire ( http://wire.com ) also does e2e encryption for
voice, video and group chats.

In a US Congress hearing this week, a Congressman asked a Dept of Homeland
Security representative if e2e encryption available in apps would have
prevented this interception that happened via SS7. The DHS answer was that
it would mitigate the interception of the content, although the location
meta-data would still be available.  (You can view the exchange via the
link in this tweet: https://twitter.com/csoghoian/status/722854012567969794

The end result is that we're definitely moving to a space where the
communication over IP-based solutions will wind up being far more secure
than what we had before.

Interesting times,


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