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Graham Freeman graham at nerdventures.com
Thu Feb 11 15:36:41 EST 2016

I use and like StatusCake.com as a hosted monitoring provider, and SmokePing as an internally-managed monitoring tool.

StatusCake has been reliable, and offers nice features such as worldwide monitoring endpoints, outage confirmation, configurable paging methods and thresholds, etc.  They also support different types of monitoring, ranging from a simple ICMP ping to a more complex mix of HTTP(S), keyword monitoring, blocklist monitoring, etc.   The pricing is good enough that I've forgotten how much it costs.

SmokePing's advantages include (1) it's open source, (2) it's relatively easy to install and configure, (3) it's lightweight enough to run on customer-side Raspberry Pis, (4) it supports extremely fine-grained monitoring (e.g. my endpoints will detect and optionally alert on outages of <5 seconds), and so on.  The software is free, as it's open-source, and it could be implemented on a $5/mo VPS at somewhere like DigitalOcean.

good luck,

Graham Freeman, Principal Nerd
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> On 11 Feb 02016, at 12:28, Li Tiatia <tiatia at tcnp3.com> wrote:
> Hi All,
> Anyone have any suggestions on recommended website/IP monitoring tools?  There are so many out there and just need help to narrow the list down based on what you're using or have good experience with.
> Thank you.
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