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You have pi's deployed on the customer premise running smoke ping ?
Great idea, have they been reliable ? I've only played with them - never production.  How do you handle managing a pi fleet ? 

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> On Feb 11, 2016, at 3:36 PM, Graham Freeman <graham at nerdventures.com> wrote:
> I use and like StatusCake.com as a hosted monitoring provider, and SmokePing as an internally-managed monitoring tool.
> StatusCake has been reliable, and offers nice features such as worldwide monitoring endpoints, outage confirmation, configurable paging methods and thresholds, etc.  They also support different types of monitoring, ranging from a simple ICMP ping to a more complex mix of HTTP(S), keyword monitoring, blocklist monitoring, etc.   The pricing is good enough that I've forgotten how much it costs.
> SmokePing's advantages include (1) it's open source, (2) it's relatively easy to install and configure, (3) it's lightweight enough to run on customer-side Raspberry Pis, (4) it supports extremely fine-grained monitoring (e.g. my endpoints will detect and optionally alert on outages of <5 seconds), and so on.  The software is free, as it's open-source, and it could be implemented on a $5/mo VPS at somewhere like DigitalOcean.
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>> On 11 Feb 02016, at 12:28, Li Tiatia <tiatia at tcnp3.com> wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> Anyone have any suggestions on recommended website/IP monitoring tools?  There are so many out there and just need help to narrow the list down based on what you're using or have good experience with.
>> Thank you.
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