[VoiceOps] Opinions on best iPhone SIP client?

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Yes, Bria is very good. Wideband delivered via G.722 sounds great. However, G.722 uses exactly the same amount of bandwidth as ulaw or alaw. All three are 64 kbps codecs. Neither of them have an innate PLC. They stem from an earlier time when such matters were not a facet of the codec itself, but the media engine wrapped around it.
FWIW, you can access a wideband test & demo service at sip:wbdemo at conf.zipdx.com. It will answer and tell you if you're connected using G.722. Once connected there are various this you can do.
The most useful couple of tests are hidden. Press 2 and you invoke one form of SIP re-invite. Press 3 and you invoke another. If you don't lose the call media with either of those then your SIP client is doing quite well. If you lose the media it has a problem and won't work in all situations.
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 Hi Chris,  
My two favorites are the Bria client and the Media5 client. Battery life will go down though if running the apps all the time in the background. I also try and use g722 codec as much as possible because it uses less bandwidth than ulaw and has a better audio quality than ulaw or g729. It also seems to cover up lost packets better. If people won't be accepting calls on the cellular network, then that is not a problem.

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 We're thinking about ditching traditional desktop phone sets in favor of soft phones running on iOS devices.  There seem to be several different ones to choose from, so I'm hoping there's some net.wisdom on which ones work best with Asterisk.
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