[VoiceOps] GotoMeeting DTMF Issues?

Nathan Anderson nathana at fsr.com
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We used to have tons of problems with DTMF & certain GoToMeeting numbers on calls made from our own office specifically (not many complaints from customers of ours) whenever our termination aggregator would trunk the call out Level3.  If we called a GTM number where the LCR picked a different term provider, we seemingly did not have any DTMF problems.  This was back when we were using an old Nortel MICS KSU in our office that we had wired up to our SIP proxy using an intermediate Asterisk box loaded with a Digium T1 card (CAS E&M mode, not PRI).

We worked with the intermediate provider to open tickets with Level3, and made many a packet capture from both our office Asterisk box as well as at the edge of our network.  Nothing incriminating ever stuck out at either of us from the captures, and Level3 never managed to figure out what the heck was going on, either.  This went on for weeks.  The DTMF problems to those numbers finally ceased when we tossed the Nortel system (long overdue) and replaced the handsets in our office with IP ones (Polycom).


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Hi all,

We have been getting reports from some clients that they are having issues with DTMF, and the primary call example that we have been getting has been access numbers for GotoMeeting.  The clients have a variety of PBX's and we have taken the carrier we had been terminating these calls to offline to force the calls to a secondary route, but we are still getting complaints of DTMF failures.

Has anyone else been getting reports of DTMF issues with GotoMeeting that seem to be on the far end of the call?

Thank you,

Tim Donahue
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