[VoiceOps] UC-ONE on Polycom VVX 5.3

Colton Conor colton.conor at gmail.com
Fri Jan 15 14:47:43 EST 2016

Has anyone setup and enabled the UC-ONE features available for Polycom VVX
series phones using firmware UC version 5.3 or later?

Polycom UC Software 5.3.0 includes the features and functionality of
previous releases and includes the following new features:

*BroadSoft Features*

   - Private Hold on Shared Lines
   - BroadWorks Enhanced Call Park
   - BroadSoft UC-One Call Control Features
      - Anonymous Call Rejection
      -  Simultaneous Ring Personal
      -  Line ID Delivery Blocking
      - BroadWorks Anywhere
      -  Remote Office
   - Xtended Services Platform Login Credentials

I would like to see what this looks like in action. Also, wondering if this
is possible to implement even if the service provider does not have the
smartphone and desktop UC-ONE apps deployed.
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