[VoiceOps] Looking for T.38 Fax monitoring tool.

John S. Robinson jsr at communichanic.com
Fri Jan 29 17:33:19 EST 2016

All --

I have a client running a T.38 fax platform.  The platform is not at all 
Operations Management friendly, so when problems occur, I use Wireshark 
and dumpster dive through the T.38 over RTP to see what went wrong.  It 
is a rather labor intensive operation.   I am wondering if anybody knows 
of a tool that could help this process -- something along the lines of 
Palladion (now Oracle Communications Operations Monitor) or Empirix 
Hammer, but with the ability to automatically drill down into T.38 
signaling to diagnose cause of Fax failure?


John S. Robinson
Communichanic Consultants, Inc.

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