[VoiceOps] Plivo Offline, Domain Expired; Out of Business?

Peter Beckman beckman at angryox.com
Sun Apr 23 13:31:28 EDT 2017

We should all strive to NOT do that. We integrated a once a day check into
our Monitoring platform that starts warning Operations 30 days before the
domain expires, and actually pages people starting at 9am on Weekdays 7
days before if it hasn't been renewed. We had to tweak it for how our
registrar publishes that information, and we automated renewals so it
rarely goes off, but when it does we can get in front of it.

We have the same thing in place for our public and internal SSL/TLS

If you are running a business on the web and don't automate monitoring of
critical infrastructure, you get outages like this. Heck, we started
monitoring the domain and SSL certs of our critical-path dependent
services/vendors since another outage many years ago after an SSL cert

Plivo wasn't in our mix, as they aren't critical-path, but they are now,
and they are still in alarm.  Operations now will be automatically notified
when we can actually see Plivo again.


On Sun, 23 Apr 2017, Gavin Henry wrote:

> On 23 April 2017 at 17:31, Alex Balashov <abalashov at evaristesys.com> wrote:
>> I've done it. Just got distracted, got to fiddling around and thinkin' bout things, and before I know it, the domain's expired and I'm no longer on the register of respectable party guests...
> Embarrassing. I'm sure I'll do it at some point. :-)

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