[VoiceOps] Ideas for Building Inbound Redundancy

Markus universe at truemetal.org
Mon Feb 6 13:39:59 EST 2017

Hi Nick,

Am 06.02.2017 um 17:45 schrieb Nick Olsen:
> Hi Markus, I'm curious. How are you handling reinvite traffic (And/or
> changes in SDP) from different sources when using Anycast?
> [...]
> Now, I've never seen this on inbound calls. But see it all the time on
> outbound. Perhaps that's the make/break here? Thoughts?

I think that is it. I've also never seen it on inbound calls.

But in my scenario, wouldn't it be rather *my* endpoint that would send 
the RE-INVITE? (for whatever reason)  Since I don't have a need for 
that, I just never worried about it. So far, It Just Works. :)

If it was a problem, I guess a solution would be to get kamailio somehow 
step out of the way, probably by sending 300 Redirect? Actually, I tried 
this at first, but never got it to work properly: 

Or maybe there is even a module available for kamailio that synchronizes 
active SIP calls between multiple kamailio installations?!

The Asterisk'es on all sites don't have anything to do with anycast, 
they just have public IPs that are local to the corresponding site, so 
they are unique.


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