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Matthew Yaklin myaklin at firstlight.net
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I realize this idea does not work for many service providers now days because who has time to roll their own when their list of tasks seem endless.

But you could use elastix (asterisk/whatever), hylafax, etc.. and then avantfax customized to however you want it. Everything is free. You can even use open source clients on a desktop to send faxes. You can log in via https and send and receive. Endless possibilities and worked well. I had it all setup and working with a few test customers but we lost focus and never refined it.

Put us in the we thought fax was dead camp as well.


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Make sure the fax service offers a web solution as well.  I have customers that get mortgage loan applications and medical information (HIPAA compliance).  These customers get an email notification that they have received a fax and then have to login to the secure web portal to actually receive the fax(es).  They login to the same web portal to send faxes as well.

The fax to email part isn't secure enough for these folks and this provides a way for them to get back in compliance.

Good Luck!


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Hi All,

Was wondering what faxing solutions everyone here uses. I wanted to offer an e-mail to fax service for my customers any suggestions on what server to use to accomplish this? How about reliable t.38 providers?



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