[VoiceOps] Escalating a problem with a Cox routing error

Matthew Yaklin myaklin at firstlight.net
Thu Feb 16 15:40:20 EST 2017

Can your porting department poke the people they exchanged paperwork with to tell the Cox switch guys to remove the subs in that local area?

I know when I do not move fast enough our porting/prov dept comes hunting for me due to the winning carrier complaining to them.


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They seemed very unhappy with that suggestion, so I was looking for other options.  They are lawyers, and don't want to ask their customers to do work for them.

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Does the customer know anyone who is local to them that uses Cox and would kindly open up a ticket with Cox listing the ported numbers they cannot call?

That may be a possible fix if your customer understands your predicament and feels they can ask that Cox customer for a bit of help.


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We have a customer who ported us/Onvoy from Cox.  Nobody in the local area with Cox lines can call them, so clearly they didn't remove the numbers from their switch.  But their NOC is in Vegas, and they *can* call these numbers.  So they claim there's no problem on their end.  Onvoy says they never see these calls, so clearly it's a Cox issue.  Cox won't really respond to me much because I'm not their customer.

Any ideas?

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