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Richard Jobson richard at teraquant.com
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 Please forgive me for lowering the tone of the conversation, but if you  are not getting what you need from the open source community, dare I mention a commercial product?

Palladion/OCOM’s  message flow diagram can be downloaded in HTML format, and that provides you with the  raw SIP messages as well as the message flow diagram,  nicely presented. You can also download as PDF

The API is RESTful API from which you can pull, not only the messages; message flow diagram but also CDR’s, media measurement information  and also a  whole range of KPI’s and performance metrics

Also, you don’t have to deal directly with “O”, ;) ;)  if you  don’t want to

 Thanks ☺

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    I've had good luck with the java api:
    It'll throw the wildest exceptions sometimes, however.
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    Is there a nice SIP ladder diagram building utility these days into which one can feed a packet capture and get a ladder diagram out? 
    I see the decaying skeletons of several such ventures online, but what's the new news? 
    sngrep is fantastic for live troubleshooting, but unfortunately its rendering is not export-orientated and doesn't lend itself to automaton. 
    Either image or ASCII output is fine. Just needs to be automatic and exportable.
    Many thanks!
    -- Alex
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