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Darren Schreiber dschreiber at 2600hz.com
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For hotels, there is a customer we work with who made just such an “interface box” as well as the software interface to link a cloud system with standard VoIP phones, ATAs and the property management systems at a bunch of hotels. They are way cheaper than the proprietary systems people apparently buy at these hotels. I don’t know how it all works frankly but I know they added the maid service features (room ready/not ready/being cleaned), CDR billing, voicemail reset on check-in/check-out and so on.

http://www.vsrnt.com/ is their website. I’m happy to introduce you to them personally, too, if you like. They seem to be growing quite a bit so they are doing something right ☺

if nothing else you can ask them how they did it.

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a few months ago we setup the phone system for a new NYC hotel, really modern hotel in Brooklyn NY
after months of researching and looking at many many options
we have the experience and able to handle these setups, reach out directly if you need any help or advise etc

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> In my past like when I traveled extensively I noted that larger hotels
> always had analog phones in the rooms. I was told that these were
> inexpensive and offered by companies that provided the back-end integration.
> It was often critical that there be a phone in each room so that
> housekeeping could use it to log as each room is refreshed.

In a previous lifetime, I managed IT for large "Conference" Hotels and
"Resort" Hotels.  I never saw an analog phone, all were 2-wire digital
tied into usually a Lucent Definity or similar.  There was usually an
"interface box" that ran a multi-port serial card that connected all the
various components to the Property Management System.  The contracts on
those PBX boxes were not cheap, and yes, the vendors would almost give
the phones away if you were under contract.

And yes, housekeeping used the phones to send codes to the PMS that the
room was clean (which would also toggle available/ready if vacant).
Maintenance could also use the phones to place a room "off-market" if
they needed to perform repairs.



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