[VoiceOps] Consultants with HPBX platform migration experience?

Peter Rad. peter at 4isps.com
Fri Mar 10 16:05:29 EST 2017

well likely it will be consultants who migrated to Metaswitch

Probably from Asterisk/Freeswitch, Netsapiens and the like



(813) 963-5884

On 3/10/2017 2:15 PM, Alex Balashov wrote:
> On Fri, Mar 10, 2017 at 07:12:05PM +0000, Chris Carabello via VoiceOps wrote:
>> Does anyone have recommendations for consultants/organizations with
>> experience in migrating HPBX subscribers across from one call
>> control/softswitch platform to another?
> That question is very difficult to answer in a high-quality way without
> knowing which HPBX platforms are involved.

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