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You can certain try sip:wbdemo at conf.zipdx.com
It's a demo service that answers using G.722. It will answer in G.711, but annouce that wideband is required to proceed.
It's just a recording with some simple IVR menu options. Sending # toggles between wideband and narrowband media.

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In the US, you'll only get G.722 over which non-TDM PSTN networks.   
So this question might be asked, "Is there a number that answers G.722 on Level(3)'s network?" or, "On Bandwidth's network?".  For Level(3), there used to be many, but at last testing, Level(3) had clamped down their codec list to G.711 only. I'd be glad if someone has newer news.
This is just a hunch though: If you peer with the wireless carriers, directly to their SBCs with interconnection agreements with appropriate minimums, and it's to their advantage to peer to provide HD Voice, you can expect to exchange AMR-WB traffic to their VoLTE customers. 

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   On Mar 15, 2017, at 15:30 , Nick Olsen <nick at flhsi.com> wrote:

  Anyone have a test number that will answer in G722? Looking to do some HD testing.
Furthermore, Anyone have any success sending an HD call to any of the wireless guys? VZW/ATT/TMO all seem to support AMR-WB (G722.2) at least on the UE to IMS side. Surely they won't transcode for me 722>722.2?


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