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They did in the past, I can't imagine why they'd stop.  I haven't tried it
in years though.

I've noticed some exceptional call quality from our network to Verizon
Wireless lately, but never bothered to try to figure out why.  It's enough
of a difference that customers have noticed and said something about it.

On Wed, Mar 15, 2017 at 1:30 PM, Reinventing Rich <reinventingrich at gmail.com
> wrote:

> Im pretty sure level 3 is taking G729 as well, can anyone confirm?
> On Wed, Mar 15, 2017 at 2:15 PM, Nick Olsen <nick at flhsi.com> wrote:
>> My apologies, Apparently I'm a bit green on the process.
>> From what I recall from past conversations on this list, A few carriers
>> (Inteliquent being the one that stands out in my memory) would negotiate
>> G722 if it worked for all parties. I think I even recall a number (Not a
>> URI) being provided at that time with someone saying "This number will
>> accept G722 on the Inteliquent network".
>> I'm not actually the one doing any interconnecting here. I'm purchasing
>> wholesale SIP. But I'm told, If I send a call in G722, They'll send out
>> whatever I send. So, for S&G's, I was hoping to find someone else perhaps
>> on any particular network known to support 722 that had a number to make a
>> few test calls with. Since my carrier has interconnects with many networks,
>> It's possible it would work to many of those networks?
>> I've used the zipdx demo (Thanks mgraves). But I know my switch supports
>> 722, And that I can make direct IP calls to zipdx in 722.
>> Thanks for the info!
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>> In the US, you'll only get G.722 over which non-TDM PSTN networks.
>> So this question might be asked, "Is there a number that answers G.722 on
>> Level(3)'s network?" or, "On Bandwidth's network?".  For Level(3), there
>> used to be many, but at last testing, Level(3) had clamped down their codec
>> list to G.711 only. I'd be glad if someone has newer news.
>> This is just a hunch though: If you peer with the wireless carriers,
>> directly to their SBCs with interconnection agreements with appropriate
>> minimums, and it's to their advantage to peer to provide HD Voice, you can
>> expect to exchange AMR-WB traffic to their VoLTE customers.
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>> On Mar 15, 2017, at 15:30 , Nick Olsen <nick at flhsi.com> wrote:
>> Anyone have a test number that will answer in G722? Looking to do some HD
>> testing.
>> Furthermore, Anyone have any success sending an HD call to any of the
>> wireless guys? VZW/ATT/TMO all seem to support AMR-WB (G722.2) at least on
>> the UE to IMS side. Surely they won't transcode for me 722>722.2?
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