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Thanks for that. It's great info.
Unfortunately, I cannot reach the customer's end-point using that approach. I must infer that, in this case at least, they are not on the Broadsoft platform. Or it is in some way defeated.

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 so BSFT has the capability to do it:  BroadWorks calls it “URL Dialing”: calling from your hosted PBX VoIP phone or SIP Trunking device to a random SIP URI.
 And VB is on BSFT.
 Vonage consumer:
 When I was a vonage user people could dial me by calling: sip:{Vonage_Phone Number 10 digits}@sip.vonage.net. This is a SIP URI but it would be much more clean if they had created SRV records for vonage.com.
 On 5/11/2017 4:41 PM, mgraves at mstvp.com wrote:
Vonage Business customers are allowed to dial by SIP URI
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