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Jacob Scherb jscherb at Fitzmark.com
Tue May 23 15:38:03 EDT 2017

This may not be quite what you're looking for, but 'The Test Call' has proved very helpful for us so I wanted to share it with this community (and reminds me I should probably donate).  The Test Call at http://thetestcall.blogspot.com/ hosts a handful of PSTN numbers that you can call and test several functionalities:

-Record and playback a message (test 2-way audio)
-DTMF testing
-Real-time Echo Test (test latency)
-Playback music on hold (test sustained connections for drops on inbound audio)
-0-4KHz audio sweep
-Caller ID Readback

Hope that's helpful to you or someone else on this thread,

Jacob S      

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I was wondering if anyone could suggest some open source testing and quality monitoring applications for VoIP. From time to time we have some remote clients who are facing voice quality issues on their endpoints and I have no real good way of troubleshooting or pin pointing the problem. Any help or tips regarding best practices would be greatly appreciated.


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