[VoiceOps] VoIP Testing

Pete Mundy pete at fiberphone.co.nz
Mon May 29 05:25:49 EDT 2017

> On 24/05/2017, at 9:20 am, Shripal Daphtary <shripald at gmail.com> wrote:
> Mark, what type of device are you using as the sensor?  
> I've been looking for a raspberry pi with two Ethernet interfaces but I can't seem to find one.
> I'm assuming we need on port for port mirror traffic and one for internet access to send the data back to voipmonitor. 


There's no off-the-shelf RPi with dual NICs, but any class-driver compliant USB NIC will work fine as a second interface, as long as you don't need more than 100mbit wire speed.

We do this on multiple RPis. It's literally plug-n-play :)


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