[VoiceOps] Cisco acquires Broadsoft for approx the GDP of Belize

Peter Rad. peter at 4isps.com
Mon Oct 23 19:10:59 EDT 2017

This transaction says that being a stand-alone telco vendor doesn't work 
any longer.  Taqua, Tekelec and Acme Packet for examples. ALU isn't 
exactly setting the world on fire.  Consolidation means fewer customers.

And despite the analyst forecasts, UCaaS is not rocking the world. It is 
all going toward CPaaS.

Sonus and Genband have been in talks for months.
No idea what Metsaswitch will do.

I find it funny they wait until their customers fly out to Phoenix to 
get kicked in the nuts. If they had leaked it 2 weeks ago, some of the 
attendees could have saved the airfare.

Also, BSFT needed a new C-Suite like 3 years ago.  Slack kicked their 
ass and they took forever to try to catch up. Never even integrated with 

They compete directly with their customers  (BroadCloud).  It's not a 
good formula for the 400 clients who are not the Duopoly.


Peter Radizeski

On 10/23/2017 2:57 PM, Brian Murray wrote:
> Very shocking news to say the least. A strange vibe here at the 2017 Broadsoft Connections for sure. Very curious to see how this pans out. I do agree that this would bode well for other players in this space, but honestly for how long. Everyone is ultimately for sale.
> Brian J. Murray
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> I cant say im surprised but in this day and age i suspect there will be far less technical synergies than anyone is hoping for.
> I suspect this bodes best for Metaswitch and netsapiens as some SP's will undoubtedly reconsider BSFT as a platform strategy.
> Also directly from the article:
>          "BroadSoft provides software and services that enable mobile, fixed-line and cable service providers to offer so-called unified communications over their internet protocol networks." ... ouch
> Any other thoughts?

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