[VoiceOps] Broadworks / Merging calls with Voipmon

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In my experience the leg gets identified by the correlation ID that broadworks adds to the responses associated with the original INVITE. VoIPmonitor will use that to complete the correlation.

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Thanks David,

The Broadworks Correlation Id is enabled but the original INVITE from the end-user (Polycom) doesn’t have it so voipmon isn’t picking it up (which make sense).  I was hoping there was a way for Broadworks to pull something out of the original invite for tracking.

Selecting both calls in voipmon and merging works, just doesn’t merge auto-magically


Matthew Crocker
Crocker Communications, Inc.
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Subject: Re: [VoiceOps] Broadworks / Merging calls with Voipmon

If you click on the ‘Merge’ dropdown while displaying the Legs by Header, you can select ‘SIP History’ to display the SIP Ladder diagram of all the legs together.


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Hi Matt,
Here's what I've done to get close to what you're looking for...

In the BroadWorks Application Server, set these parameters:

sendCallCorrelationIDAccess = true
sendCallCorrelationIDNetwork = true

Once you do that, you'll see BroadWorks start to add a header for "related" calls. They will have have a common correlation header (but different call-id) like this:


Then, in voipmonitor.conf you can set this parameter in the sniffer configuration to keep track of that header's value in the database:

matchheader = X-BroadWorks-Correlation-Info

VoIPmonitor won't merge them into a single SIP Diagram (at least not that I've found)-- but you should start to see the "related" call legs (with different Call-ID's but the same X-BroadWorks-Correlation-Info header) show up in the "Legs by header" tab when you're looking at a call's details in the VoIPmonitor GUI.


On Mon, Jan 22, 2018 at 2:36 PM, Matthew Crocker <matthew at corp.crocker.com<mailto:matthew at corp.crocker.com>> wrote:


We currently have Broadworks/AcmePacket handling calls to/from customers.  We have a couple VoipMon sensors running watching all traffic inside/outside our SBC.   Currently calls are presented in VoipMon as two different calls (PSTN -> Broadworks & Broadworks -> Polycom) or (Polycom -> Broadworks & Broadworks -> PSTN).     The Call-id on each call is different,  Broadworks generates a new SIP Dialog for the call.   If the customer has a hunt group there could be several INVITEs going out to multiple phones, all with different Call-Id.     Does anyone know of a way to get VoipMon to merge the calls into a single CDR/SIP Diagram?  Is there a way to configure Broadworks to embed the original Call-Id in the new INVITE (Parent-Call-Id Header)?

I’m running R20sp1



Matthew Crocker
Crocker Communications, Inc.

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