[VoiceOps] New blog article: Kamailio as an SBC - five years on

Daniel-Constantin Mierla miconda at gmail.com
Wed Jun 20 03:33:49 EDT 2018


On 19.06.18 21:20, Ryan Delgrosso wrote:
> [...]
> Of major note is the mid-registrar module, which allowed for
> short-re-reg intervals on the outside for nat traversal, with long
> core intervals to alleviate load, while also exposing a directly
> adjacent contact to the core switch without the need for the core to
> support such esoteric measures as the path header. This is crucial
> when supporting commercial registrars such as broadsoft or a
> metaswitch (and to a lesser extent freeswitch which only KINDA
> supports path) which are written expecting the commercial SBC behavior
> of adjacent contacts.
The uac module of Kamailio has support for doing remote registrations
for very long time (first added in v3.1.0, in 2010). There are plenty of
options to control if the registration done downstream differs in terms
of expire from the one received from downstream, when to enable/disable
these registrations, etc... The usual register/usrloc track the incoming
register requests, uac manage outgoing register requests. It might be
what you are looking for.


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