[VoiceOps] Curious Caller ID issues

Darren Schreiber darren at 2600hz.com
Fri Oct 12 23:29:25 EDT 2018

Hi folks,
                About three weeks ago we began receiving random reports from different customers that inbound calls were displaying the Caller ID 845-789-0000. This is not the real caller ID of the originating caller, and does not appear to be their LRN, either. It is also not a scam call – these are real, regular calls from normal humans / conversational traffic. In addition, the calls appear to originate from many different origins – i.e. it’s not always the same caller, or destination, or city/state. The calls are real, legitimate calls, and the conversations proceed normally. But the CLID is wrong.

                The one thing we have narrowed down is that these calls all seem to terminate with one of our carriers – Peerless. None of the reports we’ve received are for calls on Inteliquent, bandwidth.com, O1, etc. Peerless does not seem to be aware of any routing issue and is asking for more examples to investigate, but they’re hard to get, since it involves not only the receiving party noticing the incorrect Caller ID then prompting the caller for their real phone number and recording the date/time. (Of course, this is impossible to get clients to actually do).

                Oddly, a search for this number online reveals only this somewhat entertaining email thread on a Subaru mailing list https://www.subaruoutback.org/forums/138-gen-5-2015-2019/497927-curious-cell-phone-issue.html . It describes the same symptom, and seems to equate it to an iPhone update with bluetooth, which I have a hard time believing makes any sense. If I had to really guess, it could be the rollout of VoLTE and some misconfiguration on a wireless carrier network that is only invoked when using Bluetooth to make calls – but boy, that seems like one helluva stretch.

                Anyone seen this before and/or have any other ideas how to track this down? We’re running out of ideas and are tempted to just port offending DIDs away to another carrier to see if it “fixes” the problem, but Peerless has generally been good to us so I’d really rather leave the numbers there and just sort out the issue. But, we’re short on time – the customers are becoming irritated and don’t like providing this information to us each time the Caller ID is wrong.

                Any advice is appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Darren Schreiber
CEO / Co-Founder

415 886 7901
darren at 2600hz.com<mailto:darren at 2600hz.com>

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