[VoiceOps] Curious Caller ID issues

Darren Schreiber darren at 2600hz.com
Sat Oct 13 12:51:33 EDT 2018

Thanks Markus & John for the replies. The mystery remains but that thread you sent John from 3 years ago appears to be similar re: symptoms.

We'll keep hunting this down with our carrier.

On 10/13/18, 6:17 AM, "VoiceOps on behalf of Markus" <voiceops-bounces at voiceops.org on behalf of universe at truemetal.org> wrote:

    Am 13.10.2018 um 05:29 schrieb Darren Schreiber:
    >                  About three weeks ago we began receiving random reports 
    > from different customers that inbound calls were displaying the Caller 
    > ID 845-789-0000. This is not the real caller ID of the originating 
    > caller, and does not appear to be their LRN, either. It is also not a 
    > scam call – these are real, regular calls from normal humans / 
    > conversational traffic. In addition, the calls appear to originate from 
    > many different origins – i.e. it’s not always the same caller, or 
    > destination, or city/state. The calls are real, legitimate calls, and 
    > the conversations proceed normally. But the CLID is wrong.
    It would be interesting to know which service the callers are making 
    their calls through.
    Is it from their US cell phone directly via their cell provider?
    Is it from a landline in the US?
    Because, if it is some kind of VoIP service or if these calls originate 
    from people living abroad or if they are currently roaming, it could be 
    that the CLI is simply forged by the originating carrier or somewhere 
    along the path and was set to some spontaneously made up value (789-0000 
    = 7 8 9 0 <- may be legit but since the digits are consecutive... it is 
    something that I would type if I had to make up a number quickly).
    If it really from their cell phone or landline then I would also go with 
    the misconfiguration theory.
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