[VoiceOps] Curious Caller ID issues

Jared Geiger jared at compuwizz.net
Sun Oct 14 05:52:30 EDT 2018

Peerless should be able to pull the SS7 traces and figure out where the
call comes in on their network. It'll show if the call came in via an
International gateway if they take the time to do it. I think they only
keep 3 days of detailed records though.


On Sat, Oct 13, 2018 at 2:35 PM Markus <universe at truemetal.org> wrote:

> Am 13.10.2018 um 19:35 schrieb Darren Schreiber:
> > Any way to confirm that for sure?
> Kind of. Find out which service the callers are using and sign up for
> the same service, then play around with that service (call yourself
> through your various suppliers - Inteliquent, Peerless etc.)
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