[VoiceOps] Current state of the LCR art

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As a vendor of high-performance LCR software, we can say from our experience that 2 million minutes of domestic isn't really worth the bother as far as LCR is concerned. It's just not enough traffic. Not with the average cost of domestic trending down to 0.002.

True, you will see a return on investment going from no LCR whatsoever to some kind of LCR in that scenario. But beyond that, optimising the nuances at that level is, in my opinion at least, a fool's errand with diminishing returns. 

We actually turn down customers with that kind of volume when they come to us saying they're interested in LCR because, although we would welcome another sales opportunity, it offends our conscience to sell someone something they don't need. Unless they want CDR analytics or some other benefit of the Class 4 switch software, nah. 

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I’m interested in learning about current best practices regarding LCR in the CLEC context (~2M minutes / month of LD traffic).  What software/vendors are you using (or avoiding)?  What are the non-obvious pros and cons?  How automated is your system / how much labor do you put in?  What percentage are you saving over one provider with a good rate deck when all costs are considered?  Any insights are appreciated.

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