[VoiceOps] Question about billing on SIP trunks

Peter Crawford pdcraw27 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 20 16:34:57 EDT 2018

Hello voice-ops:

Enterprise admin here.

We just converted from ISDN to SIP (and changed providers) and we're seeing
some undesirable billing behavior.  I'm hoping I can get some objective
feedback from different providers.

If a call comes into our system, and we forward it off-net using the SIP
trunks (using either "standard" call forwarding or a call
forking/paralleling feature like Avaya's EC500 or Cisco's Single Number
Reach), we send the call with the SIP FROM header of the original caller
(which is desirable to preserve callerID).  We also include a Diversion
Header with one of our phone numbers (the original destination of the call).

We're being billed based on the *original* calling number, which sometimes
results in long distance charges, even if this leg of the call is local to
us.  This is particularly onerous if the inbound call is international!

So, the question is- what *should* we be billed on: FROM or DIVERSION.

At one point, the provider indicated that P-Charge-Info was supported, but
now backing away from that.

Do we have any recourse (technical or otherwise)?

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