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I'll take 10.

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On Mon, 1 Apr 2019, Alex Balashov wrote:

> For immediate release:
> ATLANTA, GA (1 April 2019)--Following its long tradition of forward-thinking
> innovation in open-source Real-Time Communications (RTC), the leadership of the
> Kamailio SIP server project (formerly known as OpenSER) has launched the
> Kamailio Managed Cloud (KMC).
> Alex Balashov of Evariste Systems and Fred Posner of The Palner Group were
> among several key North American stakeholders on hand to discuss it further.
> As Posner told us, "Kamailio Managed Cloud is a new, best-of-breed managed
> Kamailio hosting environment. We provide elasticity by leveraging human
> capital. Using our patent-pending Orchestration Turk system, our managed cloud
> technicians will purchase your SuperMicro bare-metal server, known as a KamBox,
> drive to the data centre, and rack-and-stack it on demand -- all in response to
> a SOAP API call! And when you want to remove your on-demand KamBox, just issue
> a 'delete' operation and we will decommission the hardware -- live!"
> "Dedicated KamBox colocation really puts the Management in Managed Cloud,"
> emphasised Balashov.
> "But that doesn't mean we keep the customer out of the loop. We are using the
> most modern XMLHttpRequest and 'AJAX' techniques to provide a real-time
> dashboard with KamBox status to all users, though it will not work with
> Internet Explorer 6 -- we're addressing that."
> "Anyway, there are numerous other cloud platforms out there, many of which rely
> on virtualisation and automated orchestration and the like. It really takes the
> human touch out of the equation and gives the short shrift to quality, while
> also taking away jobs. And besides, how can a so-called 'virtual' machine be
> truly carrier-grade?"
> Kamailio Managed Cloud launched in two principal regions today -- US-EAST-1,
> located in Jacksonville, Florida, USA, and EU-CENTRAL-1, based in the booming
> tech hub of central Europe and birthplace of OpenSER: Berlin, Germany. Unnamed
> sources tell us that strategic expansion is planned for several other regions,
> including Flint, Michigan, USA.
> The mechanics of Kamailio Managed Cloud have invited questions about how other
> elastic cloud resources are managed, more especially elastic storage. According
> to KMC senior management, storage is provided via a mechanism developed by
> ASIPTO StorageWorks.
> ASIPTO chief Daniel-Constantin Mierla was on hand at the KMC launch to explain:
> "It's very easy. When a customer requests more space with a simple and
> lightweight SOAP call with just a little custom XML namespaces, then depending
> on the region, Fred or I receive an SMS on our smartphones from our advanced
> PHP backend and drive to the data centre to insert another hard drive into one
> of the KamBox's several drive bays.
> We are using the latest in advanced mobile communications, SMS, to ensure
> fastest response time. Of course our service level is comprehensive and
> includes Managed Partition Table Labelling and Managed LVM Insertion. Also
> there is optional Managed Filesystem Formatting for a complete portfolio of
> managed services.
> ASIPTO StorageWorks moves at the speed of global e-business. Just text us your
> desired filesystem layout and partitioning scheme. It is really that easy!"
> When asked about business focus, marketing turnaround veteran Henning
> Westerholt, Executive Vice President of Business Development for KMC responded:
> "Our target customer is a socially conscious Millennial-run corporation or
> start-up who see value in the unique blend of managed services and an
> artisanal, hand-crafted, organic approach that is compatible with social
> justice and takes a people-centric view."
> Asked to elaborate upon his vision of social justice, Westerholt added:
> "Virtualisation, orchestration and auto-scaling take the people out of the
> equation, and Kamailio is, in the end, about people, as communication in
> general is about people. What would it be without the people?
> Moreover, these mechanisms take away gainful opportunities from hard-working
> university graduates.  Kubernetes, Docker Swarm, VMWare, and KVM contravene the
> social policy objective of full employment."
> At press time, Posner, who also heads up KMC Labs North America, was said to be
> lending his pioneering business vision and knack for seeing around technology
> trend corners to intensive work on next-generation, bleeding-edge functionality
> for KMC.
> While Posner was tight-lipped about the specifics, he did state that the
> 'dispatcher' module is slated to be deprecated in favour of a "human
> load-balancing approach to SIP requests that is both cloud-native and
> eco-conscious".
> Industry analysts agree that protocol-aware load-balancing strategies are
> complicated and that the application of human judgment to the problem
> represents a fertile field for dynamic innovation and investment.
> Reports from regional press confirm that KMC Labs are in the process of
> building a fullfilment centre for this innovative offering, said to be branded
> "Central Switchboard", at an undisclosed site in Bangladesh, where thousands of
> "Load Balance Operator" jobs have been advertised in and around the Dhaka
> market.
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