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So if you had e911 per room, that would be quite a bit of e911 charges.
Most hotels I have seen have a 10 to 1 ratio for rooms to phone lines. So a
100 room hotel gets 10 phone lines from the LEC. Are you saying we would
have to pay bandwidth.com or whomever we got our e911 from a separate e911
charge per room? Isn't e911 tied to DID? In that case you would need a DID
per hotel room? To actuately say room 302 is on floor 3, and room 302 for

On Thu, Apr 4, 2019 at 11:21 AM Matthew Yaklin <myaklin at firstlight.net>

> I imagine you want to make sure E911 information is super accurate with
> actual floors and room numbers. Physical address and call back number is
> correct. By making that accurate and having the customer sign that phones
> cannot move you cover a serious base. Perhaps even a sticker on the phone
> saying such would be great to.
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> I’ve never heard of any other 911 requirement for hotel or business phones
> outside of not have to dial 9 to dial 911, ie 9911. Kari’s Law.
> Can anyone provide a link with more information?
> Thanks.
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