[VoiceOps] Odd Routing to Iowa

Mike Hammett voiceops at ics-il.net
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The entity I'm calling is based out of Goldfield, so in this particular case, it isn't malicious. I'm not going to deny that there could be other malicious uses of that exchange. 

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On 12/31/19 09:16, Mike Hammett wrote: 
> Is anyone else seeing odd routing when calling Goldfield Telecom in 
> Iowa? Yes, I'm almost positive no one here has had that need. 
> Today when I call from Sprint, I get a guy that just keeps saying, "Hello". 
> When I call with T-Mobile, I get through to the desired conference brdige. 
> When I call with US Cellular, I get a lady's voicemail. 

It could be one of those tiny rural traffic-pumping exchanges with 
ridiculous termination fees. If so I wouldn't expect anyone to put a lot 
of effort into fixing it. 

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