[VoiceOps] Odd Routing to Iowa

Mike Hammett voiceops at ics-il.net
Tue Dec 31 14:20:31 EST 2019

Yes, I did conflate Goldfield Telecom with Goldfield Telephone in the original post. 


The site with the busted SSL also seems to have been hijacked. The first several times I tried getting to it, it redirected me to a bunch of BS. 

I did find this site: http://www.goldfieldaccess-ia.com/ 

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In article <1464181553.3249.1577818986090.JavaMail.mhammett at ThunderFuck> you write: 
>The entity I'm calling is based out of Goldfield, so in this particular case, it isn't malicious. I'm not going to deny 
>that there could be other malicious uses of that exchange. 

Adding to the confusion, Goldfield Telecom sells and installs telco equipment. 

Their local phone company is an apparently unrelated entity called 
Goldfield Telephone, with a web site at www.goldfieldaccess.net with 
an expired SSL certificate. 

It's a tiny single switch RLEC. If they have a conference bridge, 
that screams traffic pumping. 

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