[VoiceOps] Creating an International Rate Deck

Shripal Daphtary shripald at gmail.com
Tue Jun 4 10:10:14 EDT 2019

Hey group,

I have a question that I have been struggling with for years and have never
come up with a good solution for.  It revolves around International Rate
Deck creation, but i guess it could be for any tariff.   We have multiple
carriers for International, however, i'm trying out Thinq right now so we
can use their LCR.  Our other carriers aren't very successful with Intl.
Thinq's rate deck to me is 6 carriers for each prefix, making it around
215,000 lines. The carrier(s) that have the lowest cost for each prefix
varies, so i can't turn off the most expensive three or something like

I was thinking of taking the least expensive 3 carriers and then averaging
them and creating my rate from that average and then only allow Thinq to go
3 carriers deep. Does anyone have any experience with this?   Are there any
best practices?

The second part of the question is how does one calculate the profit
margin?  Let's say you wanted to make 35% for retail and 20% for wholesale,
but if you call UK landline, the cost is only 0.004.  Your rate  would be
0.0054 for retail and 0.0048, which is nothing.  We have been doing
something like If your cost is less than 0.03, then increase by 35% or 20%
or whatever.  however, that doesn't always work if the cost is super close
to your target.

Does anyone have any hard and fast rules that they use when creating decks?
is there software that can help my puny brain think through this?

Thanks !

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