[VoiceOps] LCA file for Broadworks across provinces / states

Julien Lamarche jlam at credil.org
Fri Jun 14 15:36:19 EDT 2019


  I was building an LCA file for a VoIP provider that uses Broadworks.

  I noticed that the LCA file examples I've been given only lists the 
rate center names, not the provinces.  Yet in LERG6 and LERG8, short and 
long names for rate centers are not unique across all provinces / 

Sherbrooke QC and Sherbrook NS, for example, is listed as SHERBROOKE for 
both it's shot and long name.

Should the LCA file distinguish these two rate centers by listing 
SHERBROOKE, QC as PQSHERBROOKE?    If not, what field in NNACL should I 
use to distinguish them?  Or do I have to start creating my own rate 
center names?


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