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I see that you have Forward Disconnect Delay set to 750 ms on the Adtran.

But has the mitel tech told you what is set on the PBX for forward disconnect delay?

Is it possible some PBX tech in the past set an unusually high value for that?

Also what are these certain call scenarios? Are you talking about an incoming call going to the PBX and the user is then doing something to have the call go back out to the world?

Or are we talking about a regular plain jane incoming call or outgoing call. In order to help we need to know if this is more complicated then it seems.


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Thanks to everyone for the replies.  The MITEL Tech is being 0 help
other than continuing to tell the customer that my lines are the problem.

The MITEL card that I'm  plugging into is a 'LS/GS Trunk (6cct)
0109-011-001-SA'.  I'm guessing the settings that are the problem are the

Forward Disconnect Delay
Forward Disconnect Battery

Anybody know what these settings should be to in the TA908 to interface
to this MITEL card?

Currently they are set to
Forward Disconnect Delay - Currently at 750ms
Forward Disconnect Battery -Currently on Remove.


On 6/17/2019 9:07 PM, Todd Wolf wrote:
> This link is relevant to your issue
> https://supportforums.adtran.com/thread/2264
>> On Jun 17, 2019, at 9:36 PM, Nate Burke <nate at blastcomm.com> wrote:
>> Sorry for Dredging up an old post.  I've had the Adtran TA908 (2nd gen) installed to the MITEL for about a month, but now I'm starting to hear about problems.  In Certain call scenarios, the MITEL is not disconnecting the Trunk port, even though a call has ended.  The Mitel consultant is placing the blame squarely with me, that I'm not sending the proper 'Disconnect Supervision' and the MITEL is not hanging up the line.
>> I've been googling, and reading manuals, and haven't been able to find any sort of settings for a 'disconnect supervision'
>> Anyone run into this before?
>> Thanks,
>> Nate
>>> On 4/13/2019 7:23 AM, Nathan Anderson wrote:
>>> You didn't say what the "some issues" were that the customer was still complaining about.  Just stuck lines?  Just echo?  Both?  Something else entirely?
>>> Re: stuck lines, sounds to me like the TA and the phone system are not in agreement about what method of disconnect supervision (if any) the TA is going to provide and the phone system trunks are going to be looking for.
>>> -- Nathan
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>>> Subject: [VoiceOps] ATA To Connect to Mitel PBX
>>> I've only had to provide POTS termination to 1 MITEL system.  I tried
>>> using Linksys/Cisco SPA and Grandstream ATA's, then finally put in an
>>> Adtran TA904 (2nd gen).  The Adtran seemed to give the least number of
>>> issues with Lines getting stuck open, Echo, etc. But the (former)
>>> customer was still complaining about some issues when they closed up shop.
>>> I now need to provide 6 analog lines to hand off to an existing MITEL.
>>> Is there an ATA that's better than a TA908 for doing "Acceptable" POTS
>>> to a MITEL?
>>> Thanks,
>>> Nate
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